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What is Greenway Bill?

Greenway Bill is one of the leading technology companies which has taken up the initiative to reduce paper bills. Greenway Bill has come up with one of the most innovative ways of eradicating the hassle of paper bills that has become one of the major concern to human kind. The company was established with the sole objective of providing an alternate to the traditional paper billing which has been provided by businesses to its customers all over the world.

How Greenway Bill Works?

We have made a magical ecofriendly printer and named it "Greenway Bill Printer". Greenway Bill Printer can be used in place of traditional hard printers used by the businesses to print bills. It takes only couple of minutes to install the printer in any system. A system that has Greenway Bill Printer installed will be able to send the bills digitally on the Greenway Bill Smartphone application once the print command will be given. A bill can be shared with the help of mobile number, unique customer Id (this unique Id will be provided to the customer at the time of registration after the installation of Greenway bill application) or by scanning the Greenway Bill QR code available at the billing counters of the businesses.

Who can use Greenway Bill ?

Any Business that wants to save money by saving environment can choose to print and store bills digitally in a faster, secured and greener way with the help of Greenway Bill Printer.

Any person who wants to save environment and looking to get rid of unwanted hassle of storing and maintaining paper bills, can choose to receive and share the bills digitally by downloading our application called Greenway Bill.

How Greenway Bill Printer is better than the Traditional hard printer ?

    Greenway Bill Printer

  • Greenway Bill Printer is a boon to the environment as it sends the bills digitally.
  • No physical space required at billing counter for Greenway Bill Printer.
  • Greenway Bill Printer runs on zero maintenance cost.
  • Greenway Bill Printer environment friendly and helps to keep our planet green.
  • No Paper required for Greenway Bill Printer as bills will be sent digitally to Greenway Bill Application with the help of Greenway Bill Printer.
  • Greenway Bill Printer is Reliable, fast and secure with 99.99% up time.
  • Minimal or no cost to setup Greenway Bill Printer and no replacement needed for life time once installed in the system.
  • With regular online updates Greenway Bill Printer will always have latest features and designs.

    Traditional Hard Printer

  • Traditional printer which require paper to print bills is a curse to the environment.
  • Require physical space at billing counter.
  • Required high maintenance cost.
  • It requires paper to print bills. Paper comes after sacrificing with money and environment.
  • Unreliable and slow.
  • Expensive and need replacement after every couple of years.
  • Becomes outdated and old fashioned after some time.
  • Takes time to get fixed once broken.

Features and benefits to the users of Greenway Bill Application

Digital Bills

Lifetime Free Storage

Auto Categorization of Bills

Share Bills Directly From Greenway Bill Application

No Hassle Of Maintaining Paper Bills

Share Mobile Number or Unique Customer ID to get Digital Bills

Scan Greenway Bill QR Code for Instant Digital Bills

Quick Access To The Recent Bills

Environment Friendly

Save Papers And Trees

Please download the Greenway Bill application and let's take an oath together to receive, access, store and share the Digital Bills with the help of Greenway Bill application.